The Father of Southern Jefferson County

If I had to point to one single person that began it all South of Louisville, it would have to be Colonel James Francis Moore.  

Colonel Moore was born August 12, 1751.  He came to The Falls of the Ohio with General George Rogers Clark in 1780. When he died in 1810, he owned 55,000 acres of land in Kentucky.  A large part of it was in southern Jefferson County.








Floyd’s Death




“…he controlled the great salt wells of that State. He built the first large house ever constructed in Kentucky. It was a palace in those days. It contained sixteen rooms and the interior finish was as fine as anything that could be found in this day. It was, unfortunately, torn down a few years ago. A Kentucky writer says that if it were yet standing it would be historically one of the most interesting things of which Kentucky could boast.”

Bullitt County History