Please Help Save Lewiston Place

This once beautiful home was built prior to 1816.  The bricks were burned on the property.  The information in the National Historic Register says the construction details were some of the finest in the county.


The Hicks House

The Hicks House

The four children of Enoch Magruder (one of Oldham County’s first settlers) inherited 681 acres of the hill, each with a quarter interest.  Benjamin Franklin Magruder built the core of this house around 1839.

The house was connected to Henry C. Magruder, the Confederate solider that rode with Sue Munday,  and was hung in Louisville 1865.

The property has recently been placed on the market, and the house on the hill is breathtaking!

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The Louisville Motor Speedway

Louisville Motor Speedway opened on July 5, 1926.  A year later, it held the first AAA sanctioned automobile race in Kentucky.

Today a couple of dirt mounds, a few stones, and a street sign are all that’s left of Kentucky’s First Motor Speedway.


 Hymen Pickle Company


The Pleasure Ridge Park Distillery

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J.P. Dant Distillery

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I believe there are multiple historic cabins still standing in Jefferson County.  But over years, they have been added to and resided, until they’re easy to miss.

So if you know of a structure that you believe could have an early cabin at it’s core, please don’t hesitate to drop me an email.