Pleasure Ridge Park Fire Department began the Firefighter participation in The Crusade For Children.


Old Forester Bourbon is named after Dr. William Forrester, a Civil War soldier, and a second generation physician from Valley Station.


The first memorial to Vietnam Veterans in Kentucky was built in Valley Station, and later moved to Pleasure Ridge Park.


The McDonald’s on Dixie Highway was the first in the state of Kentucky.


When Dixie Manor was built, it was the largest shopping center south of the Mason Dixon Line.


Elvis Presley’s Grandfather Jesse lived off Taylor Blvd. and is buried in the Louisville Memorial Gardens West.


At one time, there was a parakeet native to Kentucky.


General George Armstrong Custer spent two years in Elizabethtown, before riding out west to his death.


Lance Burton the magician was born in Shively.  His Mother worked at Frito-Lay on Crums Lane.  He credits “Mr Magic” (Harry Collins) the Frito-Lay corporate magician for his career choice.


Kentucky’s first motor speedway was in Valley Station.



Medora, the small burg south of Valley Station was name isd after William Larue Weller’s wife.  It was home to the first high school in the county.


At 6,500 acres, Jefferson Memorial Forest is the largest municipal urban forest in the United States.