I grew up within walking distance of Dixie Manor.  At the time, it was the largest shopping center south of the Mason-Dixon Line.

I bought a brand new Super Beetle in 1974.    When the tornado hit, a friend and I were on the Outer Loop, with the 8 Track tape blasting some good ol’ 70’s rock and roll [no boring news for us].

Despite the crazy wind, and the TOTALLY black sky to the north, we just kept jammin’.  The only thing that kept our dumbasses from flying ‘Dorothy Style’ into another county, was the block from his 1955 Chevy in the trunk.

To this day, I believe that beautiful 1955 Chevy [factory yellow & white, 327 – bored and blueprinted – pulling 425 horses.  It would lift the front wheels off the ground in 1st AND 2nd gear, and had a sound that was distinguishable from blocks away.  But that’s another story.] saved my life.

I rolled that yellow tumblebug all over the roads South of Louisville.  In 1975, I bought a blonde Afghan Hound puppy I named Alfie.  When he rode in the front seat, he looked like a blonde girl from the back.  Had a lot of fun with that.  But again, considering I lived in an apartment on Southern Parkway, Alfie was not one of my smarter decisions.





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